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“Muckross Head”


Muckross Peninsula, County Donegal, Ireland



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Muckross Peninsula, County Donegal, Ireland

A few evenings ago I visited Muckross Head for my first time & I can tell you this place did not disappoint! This headland is absolutely stunning with it’s enormous almost vertical rock face which consists of millions of years of sea bed compressed into limestone layers. Each layer has a distinctive colour, which is packed with fossils from extinct plants & sea creatures from an era when Ireland was once a warm tropical island situated near the equator line ? Over time continental drift slowly drifted northwards straight into the cold & rain ? When looking at these limestone layers it’s actually like reading the pages of a 200 million year old geology book on Ireland.

In the distance you can see the sun setting next to the ‘Slieve League cliffs’ which are the highest sea cliffs in Europe! Im sure you may be curious on the massive ‘EIRE’ stamped onto this headland? Well these are known as ‘Head Markers’ Over 80 of these were created during WW2 as an early form of Sat Nav to ensure pilots would recognise each part of Ireland they were flying over.

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