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‘Murder Hole Beach By Night’


Rosguill Peninsula, Downings, County Donegal, Ireland


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Rosguill Peninsula, Downings, County Donegal, Ireland

At long last! after pre-planning this scene from last year, I finally got the weather conditions needed during the correct time of year to capture our Milky Way galaxy rising vertically over my favourite beach. I can assure you it was no simple task! Conditions had to be pitch dark. Because of this I didn’t want to frighten the cattle in the fields that lead to this beach. So instead during sunset, hiked all my equipment from neighbouring ‘Tra na Rossan beach’ up & over that giant hill in the backdrop then down to this spot.

Conditions were perfect for astro photography so I spent 3 hours here awaiting the dark to arrive. I captured my photo & done a little “light painting” with my torch on the rocks etc. It was only then I realised my blunder ? as difficult as it was to climb down here during daylight but “oh my” what a mission it was to re-climb back over that hill in the dark! I can assure you it was my first & last time doing that one alone ?

Don’t be fooled by its unpleasing nickname as this beach is a true Irish gem. There are no paths nor signs & normally requires a hike through a grassy plain full of cattle, then over some sand dunes to reach. This must be one of the most stunningly beautiful beaches you could ever set eyes on! It may have the most uninviting name you’ve ever heard off, but always remember you should “never judge a book by its cover”

As for its nickname? I’ve asked countless people on why it has gained this name The MurderHole & have heard so many different tales ranging from ‘World War 2’ soldiers to The Great Famine. I honestly have no idea on the mystery surrounding its name……

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