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“Our Ancestors Hidden Messages”


Kilclooney Dolmen, Narin, Portnoo, County Donegal, Ireland

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Kilclooney Dolmen, Narin, Portnoo, County Donegal, Ireland

When composing this scene, moving about to align these 2 dolmen tombs into this one frame I couldn’t help noticing how much they look like sculptures! Obvious pieces of ancient art for sure. These giant rocks clearly have been stood & placed in deliberate positions for a reason. I think this reason may be that it’s some sort of hidden code or message that they left for us? If you look at the large stone on the left you can clearly see ‘cup mark’ circular engravings carved across it. Over 5000 years ago these people had no paper nor pen but used their minds to intelligently leave their messages within these monuments. Now our eternal problem is trying to decode & figure out what it all means…….

The ancient Kilclooney Dolmen tomb dates to 3500 BC. It is an excellent example of a dolmen or portal tomb and is thought to be one of the best in all Ireland. (A dolmen, also called a portal tomb megalithic burial chamber) This dolmen is almost completely intact and measures approximately 13 feet long by 20 feet across and stands over 6 feet high making it one of the largest in Ireland. Slightly to the left you will notice a smaller dolmen although it has partially collapsed through time.

To this very day nobody knows why these tombs are built in this manner, yet all over Ireland you will find portal tomb capstones tilted at angles of 15 degrees or so. Whether caused by the puzzling position of the capstone or the overall appearance and the surroundings the tomb is appealing to the eye, no matter from which angle you look at it. Many modern architects can still take inspiration from this tomb, almost 5000 years after its construction.

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