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“The Emery Celtic Cross – Annual Expose”


Killea, County Donegal, Ireland

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Killea, County Donegal, Ireland

The glorious season of autumn is here once again with us all. It’s the season I eagerly await on each year because our trees shed their leaves, which means one thing in my journal! The giant “Emery Celtic Cross” appears from nowhere like a miracle, proudly stamped onto our landscape for the world to admire. I love this marvel not only for its sheer beauty but for the interesting story on how this all came to be……

This giant 100 meter long cross is now known as the “Emery Celtic Cross” which is proudly named after its creator Liam Emery. Liam intelligently planted 2 different species of pine trees in the shape of this giant Celtic cross design 10 years ago in these woods of County Donegal. The reason being that the outer trees are evergreen and don’t drop their needles during Autumn but the trees used for the actual cross design are not evergreen & turn a golden colour right before they drop their needles for the cold seasons ahead.

After a decade of this forestry secretly growing all the same colour, it was only a few years ago that these trees finally matured enough to shed their needles during autumn. This hidden wonder became visible for the first time & the “Emery Celtic Cross” was first sighted by local passenger plane pilots who believed it to be an actual miracle of some form! Unfortunately Mr Liam Emery passed away 7 years ago and never got to witness his stunning creation expose itself, but I’m sure he is now smiling from ear to ear with pride when he stares down from heaven at his now miracle famous “Emery Celtic Cross”

We thank you for this lasting Legacy Liam, you have certainly helped God put a stamp on Ireland 

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