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“The Field & Widows Cottage 2019”


Doolough Valley, County Mayo, Ireland

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? Movie Scene from ‘The Field’ ?

Doolough Valley, County Mayo, Ireland

My favourite movie of all time is ‘The Field’ movie by Jim Sheridan. I have grown up watching this masterpiece at least 100 times! It’s about a small field that was once barren rock but past generations of one man’s family worked their entire lives away on it. Through the ‘Great Famine’ & years of poverty they carried baskets of seaweed for miles each day to soil/fertilise the ground & finally break it into a green pasture amongst the surrounding rugged landscape. This lush green field was then passed down to each son with pride on their accomplishment.

A few months ago I shared my photo with you, side by side with the official movie cover scene from the movie ‘The Field’. To keep in sync with the original I had to heavily crop & desaturate/re-tone the colours to match the official 1990 version. I did say that I would edit a full modern version to show everyone what this scene looked like today. Well as promised here is my 2019 un-cropped wide version which is now edited to my own regular style & colours.

Interesting fact: In this wider landscape version you can now see this little cottage to the right which was never shown in the 1990 photograph. Well this isn’t any old cottage…. It is actually the ‘Widows Cottage’ that was filmed & used for several scenes in the movie! Especially memorable for the scene where ‘Tadhg’ walked across its roof at night to place a slate over the chimney which smoked the widow out into the cold, whilst ‘Bird’ hid in the garden howling like a wolf in an attempt to drive her away for good ?

I wondered why it was never kept in the official poster but it’s mainly because the poster/movie cover was in portrait so it simply wouldn’t fit into the photo. This is why I want to show you it in modern landscape format. I hope you ‘Field’ movie fans enjoy it as much as I’ve done researching, finding & capturing it ?

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