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The Old School House of Rosguill ?


Tra Na Rossan, Rosguill Peninsula, Downings, County Donegal, Ireland

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Tra Na Rossan, Rosguill Peninsula, Downings, County Donegal, Ireland

Familiar faces to the ‘Rosguill’ area will instantly recognise this stunning little school house. On route up to this old school there are many bushes & large trees, however as soon as you reach this spot, all the surrounding landscape turns sandier with absolutely no trees afterwards. To me this old school seems to act like a greeting marker to the sandy beaches etc in which this peninsula is famous for. As soon as folk reach here their excitement builds as they know they are within meters to their holiday homes, swimming in turquoise waters & strolling the many white sandy beaches.

Each time we approached this brae that leads down to this old school I always slow down & visualised a photo from that angle to show the building, beaches & sea grass plains in the backdrop. A few days ago, I walked over this road but realised the actual road itself didn’t suit my compilation, it looked too modern or something. I wandered the area & discovered this large red wildflower ‘Fuchsia’ bush ?

Fuchsia is a very commonly seen flower across ‘Rosguill’ in summer & it seems to grow wild everywhere on this peninsula, so I thought it fitted this scene perfectly. Also realising the front door on the little school was the exact shade of red as the Fuchsia, I aligned up the scene to show the school between these ripened red bells. I cannot imagine any kids who attended this little school ever complaining as I would have giving anything to have had the privilege to attend somewhere so Irish & beautiful. I’m sure there are many great stories from here & I can only hope that some folk may share them with us here in the comments ?

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