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Classiebawn Castle – Mullaghmore


Mullaghmore, Cliffony, County Sligo, Ireland

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Mullaghmore, Cliffony, County Sligo, Ireland

I’ve been planning to capture this very scene for along time & yesterday I done so. I can’t tell you how windy & cold it was on this cliff side road and trying to keep a zoom lens steady at 200mm was not an easy task especially when all fingers were numb with the icy winds! I waited about half an hour and to my delight, this old loving couple walked around the corner holding hands. I was so pleased to have captured walkers in the foreground against the backdrop of this stunning castle

Classiebawn Castle is a country house built for Viscount Palmerston on what was formerly a 10,000 acre estate on the Mullaghmore peninsula near the village of Cliffoney, County Sligo, in the Republic of Ireland. The current castle was largely built in the nineteenth century.

In 1916 the house was cleared and remained empty until 1950. It was inherited by Edwina, Lady Mountbatten (when she was still officially styled as Lady Louis Mountbatten), in 1939 who, with her husband Admiral of the Fleet The 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, made a number of improvements, installing electricity and a mains water supply. After his wife’s death in 1960, Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of India, spent his summers there until his death when his boat was blown up off the coast of Mullaghmore by the IRA in August 1979

The castle and surrounding lands are now owned by the estate of Hugh Tunney, a deceased businessman, who bought the castle and 3,000 acres of surrounding estate in 1991 after having leased it for many years

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