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“Errigal Mountain beneath our Milky Way”


DunleweyGweedore, County Donegal, Ireland




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DunleweyGweedore, County Donegal, Ireland

Last night I could not settle due to a terrible cold. Sick or not I needed to get out there! I could see that the skies were crystal clear & through the help of a few apps etc I could tell that there was no moon & clear weather predicted all night at below zero temperatures. The perfect ingredients for a Milky Way hunt! Alone again I set out “Errigal bound” in hope of capturing the Milky Way beside her.

On arrival I was saddened to realise that the ‘Orion’s Belt’ side of our ‘Milky Way’ galaxy was way off target to the iconic front view of Errigal Mountain  Although I knew there was still hope on capturing the opposite ‘Cygnus’ (Swan Constellation) end of the galaxy from the rear view of ‘Errigal Mountain’

I drove a few miles to the opposite side of the mountain, the side where all the hikers start their trail from that looks up the actual spine of the mountain. Stepping out of the car I almost fainted with excitement! The Milky Way was literally rising straight up over Errigal Mountain! It looked almost like ‘Errigal’ was an erupting volcano spewing the galaxy out from within our earth.

I’m pleased now I didn’t sit indoors with “Man Flu” & that I done some research, took the chance & got a single photo of my favourite things together.… My stunning lady ‘Errigal Mountain’ & our ‘Milky Way’ Galaxy. The combination of my dreams  I have never seen another photo of this scene before & I’m honoured to have captured something new last night to share with you my friends 

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