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“The Fairytale Castle of Lough Key”


Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland

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Castle Island on Lough Key, Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland

Reference to “Castle Island” has been discovered in early writings as early as 1184. During this time the park was called Moylurg and the Kings of Moylurg were the Mc Dermott’s. The McDermott’s official residence was once on this little island “The Rock”now called “Castle Island” As space was limited on this small island they had another residence on the mainland where the Moylurg Tower stands today. The McDermotts ruled this area until the 17th century when it was granted to the King family from England under the Cromwellian settlement.

Throughout my travels across Ireland I’ve not yet seen another castle as stunningly unique as this one on Lough Key Island. Imagine if you were granted the power to open any children’s fairytale book, choose a dream castle & were able to bring that image of your magical castle to life. Im pretty sure Lough key Castle would be the outcome! Standing on the shore of this lough staring over this castle certainly brought out the “Peter Pan” in me! lol It brought back all those magical stories I listened to throughout my childhood  It’s a great place to relax & let your mind rewind back to much simpler times….

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