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“If only they had what we take for granted”


Strabane, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

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House next to TV Mast in Strabane, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

A few nights ago, I was at my favourite little cottage in the Sperrins near midnight in total darkness experimenting with some new photography Lighting/techniques. On arrival it was so dark that my hands weren’t even visible in front of me! I switched on my head torch to aid in setting up my tripod/camera etc but even in such darkness the head torch only illuminated a mere 6ft max. So I turned on a very powerful LED torch to aim at this little homestead. Unfortunately even with its impressive “1 million candle power” brightness rating, it barely even lit this cottage only a stone throw away. So I continued to use more various forms of lighting to finally capture this scene that I had visioned.

During the couple of hours I spent here, my mind hit deep thought once more ? & I came to another little realisation. If I was having so much trouble to see around me on top of this mountain in the dark of night then just imagine how the families who lived here before electricity must have managed? To think that on nights as dark as this, sometimes even with fog in the air! that folk travelled to & thro for miles with nothing more than a single candle lantern. Most were so unfortunate that they never even had the money to spare on a lantern.

Looking back on our evolution timeline, we seemed to have propelled at everything within the last hundred years or so. This is obviously because we had been introduced to electricity & electric lighting etc. Imagine how far we all would be along nowadays if electricity was introduced to folk further back in time? How much easier would it not have made their lifestyles & work? If only our ancestors had then what we all have now, yet we take it all so much for granted….

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