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“Murder Hole” – Irelands Own Paradise Beach – Non pano version


Melmore Head, Rosguill peninsula, County Donegal, Ireland

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The “Murder Hole” Beach or Boyeeghter Bay, Melmore Head, Rosguill Peninsula, County Donegal, Ireland

Last week I returned to the elusive “MurderHole” beach along Donegal’s Wild Atlantic Way. I’ve always wanted to capture a true panoramic photo of this area to show its beauty in its full entirety. It is impossible to fit all this 180 degrees view onto one single photo capture, so this photo is actually comprised of 18 individually captured vertical photos all stitched together into this one large final panoramic photo. Otherwise you could never experience this seen exactly how I did on the evening. I want to create a sensory experience to bring you here through your mind & vision

The Murder Hole Beach is a true Irish gem as there are no paths, road nor signs and it requires a long hike over large sand dunes to reach. After some effort I can say that this has to be one of the most stunningly beautiful beaches you could ever set your eyes on!

Both beaches are in pristine untouched condition with perfectly coloured turquoise coloured waters that easily rival those found anywhere in the Pacific ocean & sand that looks like it was delivered straight from paradise. Ireland still has its hidden wonders for sure. Each time I discover an area of outstanding natural beauty…. Ireland continues to yield yet another! May it last forever 

I’ve asked countless people on why it has gained this undeserving name “The Murder Hole” & I’ve heard so many different tales ranging from World War 2 soldiers to The Great Famine to a Murder Mystery hundreds of years old! I honestly still have no idea so if you have any information please feel free to add it below as I know a lot of people will be very interested to know the real truth of the “Murder Hole Beach”…..

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