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“Staycation Ireland”


Brinlack, Gweedore, County Donegal, Ireland

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Brinlack, Gweedore, County Donegal, Ireland

Only yesterday was I yarning to an old mate about holidays this summer. He was whinging away on how his family holiday to Spain was cancelled & that they were now forced to spend their summer holiday here in Ireland (Staycation) for the first time in 20 years! As he was throwing his arms about complaining with a look of resentment on his face, I couldn’t help but to intervene with hopefully a positive opinion.

My loud spoken thoughts were that I also have travelled quite a bit across the globe over the years. However, we as a family decided 6 years ago that all our future family holidays will instead be spent here in Ireland. Our reasons were, that everywhere we previously visited abroad, either Spain, Turkey or Greece etc seemed to look the same. Each beach resort/town had the same imported sand, same fake Irish bars, same type of “nick nack” shops as all their neighbouring resorts & when we drove a few miles out of the town, there was only dust & volcanic rock for as far as the eye could see all around. I understand not all holiday resorts are the same but the ones we visited certainly were.

Since then each holiday we have taken over the years has now been a 100% Irish Staycation & we loved every one of them. Each county visited differs completely from the last! Varying from forests, lakes, mountains, coast drives, marshlands, green plains, islands, cities & so many ancient buildings, the list is endless. Every road we travel has beauty on it, especially along the coast of Gweedore in Donegal where this little cottage rests.

Certainly everyone has their own opinion which is naturally fair. Some love travelling abroad for holidays & some love to Staycation holiday here in Ireland. My point being….. its not as bad as you may think to spend some time around Ireland this summer, just as we happily done as children growing up here. Remember all those wonderful memories on our beaches & Castles? There is so much beauty to rediscover, all you need to do is look through your childhood eyes once more & enjoy ?

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