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“The Secret Waterfall Cave”


Slieve League Peninsula, County Donegal, Ireland


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Slieve League Peninsula, County Donegal, Ireland

As you all know I have a great love & passion for Ireland’s beauty. For many years I have traveled the length & benth with my camera capturing images to share with you all. I’ve also shown the beauty of our island from above with my drones & now i’m showing you that Irelands hidden beauty also goes deep below the surface!

On all my travels across our land i’ve never as gobsmacked as when I arrived at very scene on an obscure corner along Donegal’s Wild Atlantic Way. Slowly walking through to the end of this dark cave, I actually felt like “Alice” through the rabbit hole lol suddenly I was greeted by this giant 50ft waterfall! bathed in soft light & flowing from the lands above through a massive hole in the cave roof. Over millions of years this flowing water has eroded the boulders below into almost circular shapes of every colour imaginable. Then continuing to wear the rock on its way out to sea creating this long tunnel shaped cave, leaving these magnificent colours of various ancient rock layers within its walls.

Such a secret location indeed as recently a few photographers had shared images from here yet withheld on its exact location. During my research I had asked people on its whereabouts, but too my surprise none would disclose this info either??? I now understand why this was. Whilst hiking through fields in search for Donegal’s “secret waterfall cave” I met with a few friendly locals. After much explaining on my honest good intentions they supplied me the final hints I needed to get here, but on one term… that I don’t disclose its exact location to everyone as they fear for its preservation & wish for it to remain in its pristine condition forever. Now that is what I call true “caring for the land”

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