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“The Ancient Portal of Disert”


Disert, Letterbarrow, County Donegal, Ireland


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Disert, Letterbarrow, County Donegal, Ireland

Situated beneath one of the highest peaks in the ‘Blues Stack’ mountain range is a very ancient site of power & mythology called ‘Disert Graveyard’. This complex dates back to the 6th century or possibly even older. It consists of many places of ritual such as a holy well, grave cairns, megalithic tombs, fairy tree & mass alter rock. These monuments are said to heal problems such as, bad eyesight, back pains, toothache & even a power to banish rats! In my vision this place of power is like an ancient spiritual healing centre.

My personal reason for visiting was for lower back problems that have plagued me for years. I learned that this unique Megalith (portal doorway) at ‘Disert’ was known for its cures. East of the megalith is a large slab or concave stone. Lying on top of this stone or bed and pressing your back into the cavity then walking through this portal doorway 3 times in a clockwise direction is believed to cure backache.

Now I’m not a sceptic nor am I a believer in all the “Hokus Pokus” that I hear about, as Ireland has thousands of myths & beliefs etc & to believe every one of them would certainly leave you living in a fairy-tale land ?‍♀️. However, after years of failed pain treatments, physio appointments & sleepless nights I was willing to believe & have faith in the cure of ‘Disert’ so off I travelled alone to complete the pilgrimage.

I couldn’t believe so isolated & far away from the modern world this place was on arrival. I could honestly hear my own heart beat it was so quiet. I spent a few hours here just walking about examining the monuments & deep thinking. The instructions was to lay on the rock to the east of the portal doorway then walk through it 3 times. Well I used my compass & searched everywhere for this concave rock to the east, but the problem was there was so many rocks & I didn’t know the distance away from the doorway it was supposed to be located? With strong determination I actually lay flat & pressed my back hard into all of them! If anyone was watching they would have believed I was a “crackpot” ?

I completed the ritual by walking through the portal 3 times in a clockwise position. Over the next few days I could feel great improvement in my back pains, even up to today I feel much better. Not totally cured by no means but notably improved. I did & still do have a strong faith in this cure.

Maybe some will argue that’s it’s only a “Placebo” well if it is then that is also great as anything that helps to make someone believe they are feeling better is a great thing indeed & I will willingly try it with strong faith, just like our ancestors done so a thousand years prior. If it was good enough for them to strongly believe in for centuries, then the least I can do is have a little modern-day faith too in these old rituals & myths ☘️

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