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“The Dunes of Five Fingers Strand”


Trawbreaga Bay, Malin Head, Inishowen, County Donegal, Ireland


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Trawbreaga Bay, Malin Head, Inishowen, County Donegal, Ireland

Yesterday I visited the stunning ‘Five Fingers Strand’ & the sand dunes of Lagg. I have said it so many times before, but I need to say it once again… I was there for near 2 hrs with not a single soul in sight. I walked the length of this strand, carefully walked over these dunes & generally explored all the smooth colourful pebbles that are found in abundance along this shore. A warm gentle wind blowing through the icy air, whilst patches of bright light broke through the dense clouds every so often creating so many tones & shadows which reflected off the Atlantics surface. There’s nowhere else on earth id rather be ?

Five Fingers Strand takes its unusual name from the five long black sea-stacks that can be seen on the north end of this rocky shore. The surrounding sand dunes are some of the highest in all of Europe. These dunes were formed around 5000 years ago and now have their own protected & unique ecosystem. They are now threatened by rising sea levels & are eroding away very fast into the sea.

Each year many folk travel abroad to highly congested tourist traps in search of tropical waters & white sandy beaches. If they only realised what is already here in Ireland along our shores, then they may think twice before spending a small fortune when they easily visit areas like here for free & also have the entire beach to themselves.

Ok I admit we don’t exactly have the foreign heat & most times we get 4 seasons in one day! ? but it’s our variable weather which carves & shapes our stunning landscape & shorelines. Whilst wearing shorts or raincoats we must still be thankful for what we have around us ?

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