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“The Field” – Donegal’s Adaptation ?


Ballyness Bay, Falcarragh, County Donegal, Ireland


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Ballyness Bay, Falcarragh, County Donegal, Ireland

My favorite movie of all time is ‘The Field’ by Jim Sheridan. I have grown up watching this masterpiece at least 100 times! It’s about a small field that was once barren rock but past generations of one man’s family worked their entire lives away on it. Through the ‘Great Famine’ & years of poverty they carried baskets of seaweed for miles each day to soil/fertilize the ground & finally break it into a green pasture amongst the surrounding rugged landscape. This lush green field was then passed down to each son with pride on their accomplishment.

? Movie Quote by the Bull McCabe: “It’s my field. It’s my child. I nursed it. I nourished it. I dug the rocks out of it with my bare hands and I made a living thing of it”

When flying over this area my heart skipped a beat to see this amazing green field (Island) amongst these rocks, sand & seaweed! My mind is telling me that this has to have a similar story to the actual movie. Only this field is not staged or set up solely for filming purposes. As you can see, it’s an actual real place with real history tied to it. I’m presuming its small patches of loved land throughout Ireland like this, which supplied the original inspiration to write the movie script.

If any directors out there were ever thinking of remaking the 1990 movie “the field” then there is no better suited location than this little green island in Donegal ?

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