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“The Field” – Official Movie Poster & Front Cover Scene ?


Doolough Valley, County Mayo, Ireland

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Doolough Valley, County Mayo, Ireland

My favourite movie of all time is ‘The Field’ by Jim Sheridan. I have grown up watching this masterpiece at least 100 times! It’s about a small field that was once barren rock but past generations of one man’s family worked their entire lives away on it. Through the ‘Great Famine’ & years of poverty they carried baskets of seaweed for miles each day to soil/fertilize the ground & finally break it into a green pasture amongst the surrounding rugged landscape. This lush green field was then passed down to each son with pride on their accomplishment.

It has been a lifelong aim of mine to someday track down the exact location from ‘The Field’ movie front cover/poster. The problem was that I have never seen another photo of this scene anywhere before other than the official movie version. I had researched for ages & last year travelled the entire length of ‘Doolough Valley‘ for a full day with no success, I returned empty handed ?

However! This summer after another year of research, I returned & finally found the exact spot! Some folk may not have seen this movie or maybe wonder why I love it so much? But to me this is like a fan standing on the set of ‘Star Wars’ etc. To keep in lines with the original scene, I had to crop this photo to the exact old styled size. I also changed my usual editing style to make my version look as close as possible to the original (obviously without the “Bull” McCabe standing there). I have a wider version captured which I will share with you all in the near future in my usual edited style but for today here is the Official Movie Poster & Front Cover Scene from ‘The Field’. I only wish Richard Harris & John Hurt could see this today ?

? Movie Quote by the Bull McCabe: “It’s my field. It’s my child. I nursed it. I nourished it. I dug the rocks out of it with my bare hands and I made a living thing of it”

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