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“The Islands of Cloughglass & Inishinny”


Burtonport, County Donegal, Ireland

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Keadue, Rosses, Arlands, Kincasslagh, Donegal, Ireland

This stunning stretch of coastline overlooking Inishinny Island runs across Cloughglass, Arlands & Keadue. I personally believe it’s a unique coast due to it’s lush green grass growing across volcanic granite rocks. Carved in between by nature are these countless sandy beaches & small hidden coves.

One of the main reasons I adore this stretch of coast & sought out this image was to show you these little rocky islands with homes built on them! If you look closely you can see that the roads from the mainland leading to them suddenly run straight into the sea! Look on the islands & you can see the road re-emerge leading to the homes. This initially had me puzzled on how folk accessed their homes? Well the answer is very strange especially to those living in a city lifestyle. To access or leave the homes you simply need to carry a tide chart & watch. Twice daily the tide recedes & vehicles are able to drive straight across the sea floor onto the islands! During high tide the residents use small dingy boats to cross over. I love how perfectly tuned with nature these locals truly are.

Our fine Irish weather has been very favourable lately, enabling me to capture some of my longest planned scenes. I arrived at this magnificent stretch of unique coastline the day prior & captured shots from this angle. Unfortunately it was too cloudy & the sun’s rays were not strong enough to penetrate the waters surface to bring out the greens & turquoises I knew this area is unique for. I retreated but woke the following morning & drove the 100-mile return journey to the very same spot! My gamble paid off as the sun’s rays were much stronger allowing the light to penetrate the surface & reflect of the golden sand sea floor whilst illuminating all these pacific coloured tones I knew where here.

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