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“The Sounds Within a Photograph”


Muckross Peninsula, County Donegal, Ireland



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Muckross Peninsula, County Donegal, Ireland

On a recent trip through Donegal, the sun was splitting the sky & the light was just perfect…. Yet I still managed to lure myself in a dark cave again! Maybe im slowly becoming Gollum ?‍♂️ & may find myself huddled into a cave corner someday holding a gold ring, chanting “My precious” in repeat ? There’s always that curious side of me that wants to investigate caves & mysterious places. These are not the boring, dark & scary places most folk believe they are. Cave walls hold so many various colours & textures, which have been slowly enriching over millions of years. Some colours found within cave walls are tones I have yet to see elsewhere in nature.

On this evening I was standing on a sandy beach when the sun had started to set on the horizon & the sky started to glow amber. Without a second thought I grabbed my camera & ran as fast as possible straight into this cave. With a wide-angle lens fitted I squeezed my back against the rear wall of this cave to fit this giant entrance way into one photograph.

Now I do realise you are looking at a photograph here & it’s much easier for me to make you visualise what you can physically see in this photo, however I want to explain to you about the sounds that where present during the capture of this photo & hopefully help you to imagine for yourself what they sounded like ?

Due to my ears being so close to the wall I will never forget the sounds coming from within this cave caused by the heavy waves crashing against the outside cliff! It sounded like a deep enchanting mumbling/hum (almost like monks praying) which echoed throughout after each wave strike. These sounds are soothing which seem put your mind into a trance/spiritual like state after a short time listening. I can only theorise that this was a key reason on why the ancient Irish strongly believed that these caves were actual gateways to the “Other-world”

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