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“We Descended from Caves”


The Caves of Kesh, Keshcorran Mountain, County Sligo, Ireland


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The Caves of Kesh, Keshcorran Mountain, County Sligo, Ireland

Archaeological investigations at these ‘Caves of Keash’ have discovered bones from animals that stalked Ireland towards the end of the Ice Age. Such as brown bear, red deer, Arctic lemming & wolves all dating to more than 12,000 years ago. Ancient human remains have also been found in these caves! Our ancestors believed that this cave was an actual gateway to the “Otherworld”. They didn’t only live in this cave, but they also buried their loved ones here to help guide them safely to the otherworld. Caves are still very symbolic places to many people & in times of terrible storm, they’re certainly a wonderful place to shelter with your thoughts.

There’s always that curious side of me that wants to investigate caves & mysterious places. These are not the boring, dark & scary places most folk believe they are. Cave walls hold so many colours & textures, which have been slowly enriching over millions of years. Some colours found within cave walls are tones in which I have yet seen elsewhere in nature.

I spent ages here investigating & thinking it all over in my mind. I have come to the realisation that our ancestors certainly had the right idea by living in these mysterious caves. Clearly for the shelter benefits from the harsh elements but especially for the scenic reasons. Each morning they awoke, to be greeted by this lush green landscape as far as the eye can see. What a way to start your day! Clearly this mightn’t be a lifestyle choice for everyone especially in modern times with our home comforts etc.

No matter how high statured anyone thinks they are over others, remember this one thing….. Look far enough back on our family trees & learn that “We all humbly descended from caves”

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