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?‍♀️ The Fairy Glen of Knocknarea ?‍♀️


Knocknarea, County Sligo, Ireland

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Knocknarea, County Sligo, Ireland

Prior to setting out to find this hidden glen, I was told that it was created & protected by ‘Fairies’ & it could only be found/entered it if these ‘Fairies’ seen goodness in your soul. Only then would they make their magically cloaked entrance visible. Off I set to be judged ? After asking a few locals for directions I actually passed the entrance twice before even realising it. The entrance is basically a hole in a hedge & there are no signs or indications that anything hides within.

A long narrow green mosey path unwinds & guides you into this the deep chasm. It’s honestly like entering a walkway to another world! This glen is carved deep into limestone rock for almost 1 mile. There are many specimens of trees & plants growing here that look like they belong in a tropical rainforest. Vines drape from the tree canopy above right down to the valley floor & fresh rain water treacle’s down the uniformed walls on each end which are 60 ft in height along the entire length of the glen.

This glen/valley is near the sacred hill of ‘Knocknarea‘ where the ancient queen Maeve of Ireland is buried on top. There is archaeological evidence that proves our ancestors carved rock from this glen thousands of years ago to use as Dolmen tombs across Sligo, Ireland. Theory also states that they may have used this valley for ceremonial & ritual practices. The very strange thing is that when I investigated closely there are areas of these walls that do look like they may have been hand carved ?

It got me wondering, did our ancient Irish ancestors hand carve this entire valley into the rock just like the ancient Egyptians done so? This may not be a theory to dismiss because geologists are still not 100% certain on how this glen was created. The closest explanation to date is that was a small fault line or glacier crack but it’s hard to imagine nature creating something so symmetrical & uniformed for almost 1 mile.

I personally prefer the myth, that it was created by our Fairies ?‍♂️

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