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“An Unexpected Tour Guide”


Lough Doon, Narin/Portnoo, Donegal, Ireland

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Lough Doon, Narin/Portnoo, Donegal, Ireland

This very secluded lake hides an ancient secret. A ring fort ‘Doon Fort’ which is hidden away on a small island on the loughs furthest corner. If you look to the upper left of the lake you may see this stone fort island.

I have a funny true story to tell you about this lake  If you look you can see 4 small wooden row boats on the shore. These are owned by a gentleman who actually owns & lives next to this lake. He is known locally as “The guardian of Doon Fort”. Over many decades he has offered tourists an opportunity to rent one of these little boats & row themselves out to the fort, so they can explore it at their leisure. From his home to the boats is quite a steep walk & during peak times of the year he was traveling back & forth several times per day.

The years have now taken toll on his legs, but he has since devised an alternative way to show paying tourists to their boats. When you now visit & pay for a rowboat hire, his trusty pet dog has been now trained to walk you to the boats! The gentleman now says “follow the dog to your boat” & off you all hike behind the tour guide dog! ? Only in Ireland could this be found! ☘️?

This stone ring fort dating back to 3000 BC has to be the most amazing yet inaccessible monuments I’ve yet visited in Ireland. Miles away from anywhere, on a small island of a large lake, surrounded by miles of marshy bog land. It makes me wonder on how did our ancestors ever build such complex heavy stone forts? and how did they transport all this stone here thousands of years ago? Especially when I could hardly hike to it without stopping to rest every few minutes. Ireland can be very mysterious & that’s what drives my passion to gather these scenes for you all.

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