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“The Irish Fairy Tree” – Gateway to the Otherworld


Lifford, County Donegal, Ireland


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Lifford, County Donegal, Ireland

A fairy tree is traditionally a tree (normally a Hawthorn) that stands alone in a field or a natural clearing. Our Irish folklore tells us that these mysterious trees are believed to be gateways to the Otherworld for elves & fairies (Sidhe). These gateways are so important to the little folk it is said that “those who cause harm to a fairy tree will be cursed by the ‘Sidhe’ & have terrible bad luck for the remainder of their days” If you even touch a fairy tree you still run the risk of calling unlucky attention to yourself! This is why it is not a good idea to touch or damage Fairy Trees in any form as they are important magical gateways for our Irish Fairies. Please don’t be panicking about this photo as it is perfectly safe to look & admire these trees ?

Almost all kinds of tree found in ireland have been thought to have special powers or to serve as the abode of the fairies. Especially the magical trio of Oak, Ash, & especially Hawthorn. These trees in particular were and still are so sacred that to this very day, no farmer would dare touch them with a saw blade in the fear of getting cursed! That’s why when you travel Ireland’s countryside almost every other field will have a single tree standing lonesome, The Irish Fairy Tree 

I personally believe in these trees carrying a curse & would never dare harm one. Almost everyone I know from family to friends etc believe this myth. Do you believe in Fairy trees?

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