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Marble Hill Beach


Portnablagh, Dunfanaghy, County Donegal, Ireland
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Portnablagh, Dunfanaghy, County Donegal, Ireland
Sheltered between two headlands Marble Hill is situated on the shores of Sheephaven Bay, thus making its waters relatively calm for its all-seasons visitors. In the distance can be seen Downings on the Rosguill Peninsula & further right is Ards Forest & beaches. Marble Hill is one of the few beaches in Ireland which is surrounded by ancient woodlands.
It’s surreal to sit on these sands and just listen to the sounds of native woodland birds chirping from these trees alongside the sounds of waves & seagulls, the sounds of two different habitats in which you will rarely hear together elsewhere. As a cherry on top! the sound of the illusive Corncrake bird can also be heard “Craking” from the tall rustling sea grass on these surrounding sand dunes. It’s no wonder on why Marble Hill is loved & returned to by so many…. ?

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