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Moonrise over The Ancient Ring Fort of “An Grianan of Aileach”


Burt, Inishowen, County Donegall, Ireland
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Burt, Inishowen, County Donegall, Ireland

Lately I finally captured an image I’ve been after for 4 years now! A very tricky composition to pre-calculate using astro/moon alignment apps to find the exact spot to stand at the exact time. Then the camera & lens all on tripod had to be composed, focused & pre-set with the exact manual settings, then it’s a nervous waiting game. When the moon suddenly peaks over the fort you have mere minutes to run left or right, recompose & capture the moon exactly in the middle of the stone fort. Any error at all & the moment would be missed! It may take months (weather permitting) to wait on another opportunity. Thankfully that night my research & pre-planning was spot on.

I met with Martina Gardiner Photography & Tuar Ceatha Photography  during this capture. Martina has captured amazing scenes of this alignment over the years & was the inspiration for me wanting to capture my own version of this alignment.

The mystical & magical seat of power were once Kings & Queens of Ireland reigned from ‘An Grianan Aileach’ is the best known monument in Inishowen & easily one of the greatest in all Ireland. Situated along Donegal’s Wild Atlantic Way on a hilltop 800 feet above sea level the view from Aileach is breathtaking.

The fort was first constructed around 1700 BC (probably with earthen walls) by the Tuatha de Danann. It has been ascertained that it was the Palace of the Northern Princes, from a period long before Christianity (AD 400) up until the 14th century. Legend states that the giants of Inishowen (Princes of Aileach) are lying sleeping but when the sacred sword is removed they will spring to life reclaiming their ancient lands!

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