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“Sailing Our Celestial Rainbow” – Non Pano Version


Bad Eddie Shipwreck, Magheraclogher Strand, Bunbeg, Gweedore, County Donegal, Ireland

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*Please note before purchasing that this is the ‘Cropped Non Pano version’ Sorry due to print restrictions I am unable to offer the ‘Full Pano’ version at present*

Bad Eddie Shipwreck, Magheraclogher Strand, Bunbeg, Gweedore, County Donegal, Ireland

Captured over the ‘Cara Na Mara’ (Friend of the sea) or ‘Bád Eddie’ shipwreck which are the names given to this old wreck resting on ‘Magheraclogher Beach’ along Donegal’s Wild Atlantic Way. The ‘Cara Na Mara’ fishing vessel ran into trouble during stormy seas in the early 1970s. Nowadays she only sails the Milky Way….

I have captured moon & other Milky Way photos from this legendary wreck before although my dream was to capture a horizontal Milky Way running in its entirety across our night sky over my favorite Irish shipwreck ‘Bad Eddie’

Standing alone here at midnight on this pitch dark beach for 2 hours I captured these 14 multiple photos to help me create this stitched panoramic scene of our Milky Way Galaxy in its entirety. Reaching across the sky from one end of our earth to the other in the shape of what I can only describe as a celestial rainbow. These photos were painstakingly captured by pano method then accurately stitched together through computer software as the Milky Way is so vast, that it would never fit into a single photo to be fully appreciated 

If you look to the horizon on the right hand side you can see that the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) even made a surprise showing for me! I knew they were active this night although never thought I would capture them so far south.

Gazing into it through this perfect clear sky got me thinking, it’s easy to see how our ancestors based their Calendars, Myths & Gods all from the heavens. Back then the skies were even more clearer due to no light pollution etc. Currently we still barely understand it all ourselves so one can only imagine how & what they felt thousands of years ago when they gazed into this very sky you see in front of you today.

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